How to play SORARE FOOTBALL and win money

What is Sorare Football

Sorare is a fantasy football game that you play with NFT cards officially licensed from more than 245 football clubs and more than 40 football leagues. If you are good enough, you will be able to win prizes (exclusive cards) of great monetary value. Don't worry, you will learn everything you need to win tournaments from SorareFAQ.

Here's all you can do with Sorare Football:

  • Collect licensed digital cards of the best football players in the world.
  • Use the cards in your collection to make five-player lineups and compete in tournaments.
  • The score you get is based on how well the players in your lineup perform in real life.
  • You can earn highly valuable NFT rewards in the competitions.
  • Buy and sell cards without limitations.

Sorare NBA is fun, challenging, and offers many opportunities to win money. Get ready to learn everything you need to succeed in the game. First, we will learn all the rules of the game, and then we will finish the guide with the best strategies for winning prizes in the tournaments. 

Earn a FREE card when you get five limited cards

What are Sorare Football cards and how do they work

Sorare Football cards are the modern version of classic footballs cards.

Classic football cards

In traditional digital games, such as Fortnite or Call of Duty, you collect and use in-game items, but you don't really own them. With Sorare NFTs, you actually have ownership of your digital items, similar to how you have ownership of physical items. With blockchain technology, your Sorare cards can't be copied or taken away.

With a Sorare NFT, you can use it in Sorare competitions, keep it as a collectible, transfer it to another platform, sell it, trade it, play it in another game or use it in any other way you want.

You don't need to have any knowledge about crypto to use Sorare. You can top up your Sorare account using a credit card or bank transfer, or you can deposit Ethereum directly from Metamask.

There are four levels of scarcity on Sorare Football. These scarcities determine which tournaments you can participate in. Moreover, the scarcity of the card is an important factor in determining its value. Each player only has a certain number of cards minted per season. The more scarce a card is, the more valuable it is. There are five levels of scarcity on Sorare Football.

Type of cards scarcity Sorare Football

⬜   Common (Gray): These cards have no scarcity (unlimited supply).
🟨   Limited (Yellow): There are 1000 copies of a card created per season.
🟥   Rare (Red): There are 100 copies of a card created per season.
🟦   Super Rare (Blue): There are 10 copies of a card created per season.
⬛   Unique (Black/Brown): There is only one unique card created per season.

When you sign up for Sorare Football, you will get a set of common cards. These cards will immediately allow you to start playing and competing in tournaments. Common cards can't be bought or sold. You can buy and sell limited, rare, super rare, and unique cards in the Marketplace, or you can get them as rewards if you finish in the top spots on the Sorare Football tournaments.

What is a Legend card on Sorare?

A legend card represents a historic season from a retired player's career.  Each Legend’s season card will have 1,111 versions of each. You can use your Legend cards in the Legends Challenge tournament. During these tournaments, Legends will use the score of the highest-scoring player from their club for that position. For example, A Ronaldo Nazario card from Real Madrid will have the highest score out of all of the Real Madrid forwards.

What is a Legend card on Sorare

For the International Game Weeks, the players in the legend cards must be wearing their national team kit. This means that Ronaldo Nazario's card from Real Madrid will not score points during Brazil International Game Weeks, and likewise, Ronaldo Nazario's cards with Brazil will not count for Real Madrid games.

What is a Rookie Card on Sorare?

You can collect rookies cards on Sorare, which are one of the most prized collectibles in the sports world. There is a fixed supply of rookies cards (1000 Limited, 100 Rare, 10 Super-Rare, 1 Unique) for any player who has a card that meets certain criteria:

What is a Rookie Card on Sorare

  • Their first professional season in a top-tier league as defined by Sorare.
  • They are 18 years or younger as of 1 July 2021  (J-League, K-League, or MLS).
  • They are 18 years or younger as of 1 July 2022  (all other leagues).

If a player retires, what happens with the Sorare card?

Because retired players will not be playing any games, they are no longer eligible for Sorare competitions. You are still able to sell or buy them, but do not give them away for free. It is possible that Sorare will create additional utility for them in the future. Furthermore, it is possible that other users or communities will create additional utility for retired Sorare players.

How to start playing Sorare Football

Once you have created an account on Sorare Football, you will need to name your team, and then select your favourite clubs. You will then receive a pack of common (untradeable) cards. The pack will include a random selection of players. You can use common cards to play in the free-to-play casual league.

Free pack Sorare Football

Then, you will be guided to create your first lineup for the Academy Novice Common. After you complete your first lineup, Sorare will give you another pack of free common cards. Later, you will get to the play page, where you can see all the open leagues for you. If you want to see all the competitions available in Sorare Football, you need to uncheck the “Hide locked competitions” box.

Academy novice Sorare Football

You can earn Rare cards both in the Academy Novice league and in the Casual league.

Understanding Sorare Football rules

In order to be successful in tournaments, we need to understand the rules of the game and how the Sorare Football scoring system works.

How is the scoring determined in Sorare Football

The scoring in Sorare Football is a combination of two factors: the player score and the card score:

  • Player score: is based on how well the player performs in real life.
  • Card score: includes the player score for that card plus any applicable bonuses. For example, the captain you choose for your lineup and current-season cards receive more points.

Your team score is the sum of your five card scores. The team score is what determines your rank on the tournaments.

How is the Player Score calculated on Sorare

Sorare Player Scores are based on how players perform in real games. The score ranges from 0 to 100. If you click on any player's card, you can view the following information.

  • A player’s five most recent player scores.
  • The average score for the player's five most recent games and the average score for the player's fifteen most recent games. This score doesn't include matches the player didn't play.
  • The Bonus, the Level, the Experience, and the Cards Scarcity.

The following formula is used to calculate a player score: Player Score = Decisive Score (DS) + All-Around Score (AAS) 

The Decisive Score are the player statistics that have a direct impact on a game (e.g. goal, assist, red card)

Decisive Score Sorare

The All-Around Score are player statistics that are less obvious but are useful when judging a player's overall performance and how well they played a game. You can check the complete All-around Score system from Sorare here.

Only the first game will count if a player plays in two games in the same week

How is the Card Score calculated on Sorare?

The Sorare Card Scores (CS) are calculated by adding the Player Score to any bonus the card gives. For example, if a player has a card with a bonus of 10%, and they earn a Player Score of 60, the Card Score is 66 (60 + 10% of 60).

How are penalties scored on Sorare?

There are three possible outcomes:

  • The penalty kicked earned by your player is scored by the same player: The player will receive one decisive score.
  • The penalty kick earned by your player is scored by another player: The player who earned the penalty kick will receive one decisive score; the player who scored the penalty kick will also receive one decisive score.
  • The penalty kick earned by your player is missed by another player: The player who earned the penalty kick will not receive any decisive score.

What happens to a player score if games are postponed or cancelled?

If a game is suspended or called off after the start of the match, the player's score for that game will count toward their score for that week. Any game that begins will be counted toward scoring, and the player's score when the match is ended or paused will be considered final for that game week.

If a suspended match is continued later, the minutes that were left when the match was stopped don't get added on. A player won't get two player scores for the same match. If the game is postponed and never starts, the player will get a DNP (did not play) and zero points.

What happens if a player changes his position in the real life?

The player's position is a factor in scoring on Sorare. When Sorare cards are minted, the positions on the cards are permanent. For example, if a defender later becomes a midfielder in real life, any cards for that player that were made as defender cards would always be scored as defender cards. Future cards, minted as midfielder cards, would be scored as midfielder cards.

DIfferent position same player Sorare

What happens to Sorare cards when a player changes teams?

You can continue to play with your Sorare cards even if the player has been transferred to another team, or their team has been relegated to another league, as long as the league and the team are covered by Sorare.

All you need to know about Sorare Football tournaments

You have to do well in the Game Week tournaments to win prizes. Now, we will take a look at everything you need to know about tournaments in Sorare Football to be successful in the game.

Which tournaments are in Sorare Football

Sorare Football has three League structures: Global, Regional and Mix.


  • All Star League: The All-Star League contains five divisions, allowing you to play with cards from any combination of leagues.
  • Under 23 League: The Under-23 League contains five divisions, in which only players who are 23 or under are allowed to play.
  • The Casual League: This is the league for new managers, where they can play an unlimited number of entries with common cards (and up to two rare cards)

Players whose real-life age is 23 years old or younger as of July 1 for the season beginning in that calendar year are considered under 23 (U23). The player has a badge next to him that says he is under 23.


    • Champion Europe: The Champion Europe League contains five Divisions, and entry is limited to players from teams in the top five European football leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga & Ligue 1.
    • Champion America: The Champion America League contains five Divisions, and entry is limited to players from teams in the American leagues covered by Sorare: MLS, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A, and Peruvian Primera División.
    • Champion Asia: The Champion Asia League contains five Divisions, and entry is limited to players representing teams in the Asian leagues covered by Sorare: J1 League, K League, and Chinese Super League.
    • Challenger Europe: The Challenger Europe League contains five Divisions, and entry is limited to players from clubs that Sorare covers outside the top five European leagues we cover: Portuguese Liga, Russian Premier League, Eredivisie, Belgium Pro League, Scottish Premiership, Turkish SuperLig, Danish Superliga, and English Championship.


  • Training League: This is the Training League in which you can play with any combination of cards (Unique, Super Rare, Rare and Common) to gain experience for your players.
  • Special Events: Weekly Challenges can be completed with any combination of cards (Unique, Super Rare and Rare), but you must meet the eligibility criteria for the Challenge.

To ensure that managers of similar strengths compete closely together, the five Divisions in each league have entry criteria based on card scarcity.

League-Specific Competitions

Sorare has introduced league-specific competitions for some of the most popular football leagues such as German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish LaLiga, and the first league in France. Sorare managers can compete in these leagues and will have the opportunity to unlock real-life rewards and once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences specific to those leagues, such as meeting football stars.
These competitions will only be available in the Limited card scarcity and will follow the standard Game Week windows (Friday to Tuesday), with the exception of midweek league fixtures where the league-specific competitions will only open if at least five matches from that league are playing league.
League specific competitions Sorare

Capped Mode, a competition with thresholds for all scarcity levels

Sorare Football has introduced ETH thresholds across the Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique divisions to provide a more intuitive and balanced gameplay experience. This mode is called “Capped Mode 240”.
Capped Mode 240 rules:
  • A 240-point cap for the team budget (same threshold from Limited all the way up to Unique). The point’s cap is based on a player’s Last-15 score (the average number of points in the last fifteen games of a player).
  • No captain, no card bonuses.
  • No mixing of scarcities in the Limited, Rare and Super Rare Capped Modes.
  • One Super Rare allowed in the Unique Capped Mode.

How many cards do I need (and which scarcities?) to play Sorare: Football?

Sorare: Football competitions require a minimum number of specific card scarcities to participate in them. For example, to play in Super Rare competitions, you need at least 3 Super Rare cards, and the other two cards can be Unique or Rare.

Here are the requirements you must meet in order to be able to participate in each division.

  1. Common: You need at least 5 common cards to participate.
  2. Mix: You can use any combination of card rarity.
  3. Limited: You need at least 5 common cards to participate.
  4. Rare. You need at least 4 Rare cards with and 1 Common.
  5. Super Rare: You need at least 5 Super Rare cards or include 1 Unique card.
  6. Unique: You need at least 3 Unique cards with at most 2 Super Rare cards.

Scarcities competitions sorare

A player card can only be used one time per game week. Even if you have two of a player's cards, you can only use them once in the same lineup, and you cannot use the same card on two different teams.

How do you create your team for Sorare competitions?

To compose a team for Sorare: Football, you will need 5 Cards to fill all the 5 positions:

  • 1 Goalkeeper
  • At least 1 Defender
  • At least 1 Midfielder
  • At least 1 Forward
  • 1 Extra outfield player

You are not allowed to use the same player twice, and you can choose a team captain, who will receive an additional bonus of 20%. Any type of card can be selected as a captain, with the exception of common cards.

Follow these steps to make your team: 

1. Add your players one at a time at the spot where they go. The players on the left need to be filled in with the position into the golden brackets.

compose a team sorare 1

2. Pick a captain for your team.

Compose a team sorare 2

3. Once your team is finished, click on confirm to send in your team for the Game Week.

Compose a team sorare 3

Your team is ready to compete in the League and Division you choose.

When Do the Games on Sorare Football take place?

Sorare Football has a bi-weekly competition schedule. Each Game Week lasts 3-4 days:

  • First Game: Monday-Thursday
  • Second Game: Friday-Sunday
Each card can only be used in one competition at a time.

What happens if two Managers get the same number of points?

The person who confirms their lineup first will be higher ranked than the other.

What is training on Sorare Football

Every Game Week, you can get training to earn experience on player cards that are not used in other tournaments. There are no restrictions on which cards you can use in Training, and you can enter as many teams as you are able. The experience earned by cards is based on how frequently they are used, but they level up more slowly over time. There are no rewards for Training besides the experience your cards get to become stronger for the next Game Week's tournaments.

How to buy cards on Sorare Football

You can buy cards on the Sorare Market in two places: New Card Auctions and Secondary Market.

New Card Auctions

New Card Auctions allow you to buy cards that just came out directly from Sorare Football, meaning you'll be the first person ever to have that specific card and serial number. Each auction has a deadline, after which the card will be sold to the highest bidder. If you are the highest bidder when the auction expires, you will win the card, and it will be added to your collection. This is the only way to acquire newly minted cards.

To participate in auctions for newly minted cards, go to the Market section and select New Card Auctions.

New card Auctions Sorare

There is a time limit at the bottom of the page which indicates when the bidding ends. You can search for specific players using the filters on the left to see when their next bids are ending. You must click on the bid button to place your bid.

In order to bid, you must have funds in your Sorare account. The bid will increase by one minute if someone outbids you at the last second, so that you have time to increase your bid if necessary.

Power Hours are weekly events held every Sunday on the Sorare Market. During these events, there will be a higher offer of cards to buy from the auctions. The event will always end with a major card on sale, such as Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappé, or Joao Felix.

Manager Sales

Manager Sales provides Sorare Football managers with a direct peer-to-peer secondary marketplace, allowing them to list cards from their collection. The only way to add a card to your collection instantly, without waiting for an auction to conclude, is to buy it directly from another player.

Manager Sales Sorare

Be cautious, as there will be many managers who will put very high prices on certain players. If you want to buy a specific player, the best thing to do is to go to the player section on the left and look for the player you want. Thereafter, look for the card with the lowest selling price.

How to sell cards on Sorare Football

To sell your card, click on Sell my card. Next, you need to determine the selling price for your card. If the card is not sold within two days, the sale will be cancelled. You can put that card back on sale for free. The sale can be cancelled before it ends.

Sell a card sorare

It is always best to get a market estimation before you try to sell a card. To start, search for the card you want to sell on the transfer market. Research the current market value of the card you wish to sell. How many cards are for sale? What is the lowest price available for the card? With this information, you should be able to determine a reasonable selling price. The fewer cards are available for sale, the higher the chance that the card's value will increase.

Keep the serial number of your player's card in mind. Series 1 and the player's jersey number series have a higher value than the rest of the cards in the series.

Can you play Sorare Football without spending money?

You can play Sorare Football without spending money in the Common competitions. On these leagues, you only need common cards, which are free. You can win rare cards that have monetary value but the competition will be fierce, so don't miss the strategies for winning on Sorare at the end of the guide.

How Much Money do you need to play on the Sorare tournaments?

In order to compete on the Sorare tournaments and be eligible for prizes, you will need approximately:

(These amounts may change depending on how much Ethereum is worth)

  • For one Limited team: From $100 for a basic team, to $1000 to have a very competitive team.
  • For one Rare team:  From $1000 for a basic team, to $5000 to have a very competitive team.
  • For one Super Rare/Unique Team:  From $5000 for a basic team, to $50000 to have a very competitive team.

Since you begin participating in tournaments, you may receive cards or rewards to improve your team or to get your initial investment back soon. 

What rewards can I win on Sorare Football?

Competing in the Sorare tournaments can make you win Sorare cards, Ethereum, and special items like signed football jerseys. Depending on the number of real-life football games scheduled for a particular Game Week, the amount of available rewards can vary. The more licensed professional players who play that week, the more rewards there will be.

You can find the rewards for any tournament in the Tournament lobby.
Prizes in sorare tournaments
You can see the complete prize pool for any specific tournament if you click on the rewards.
Prize pool in sorare tournament

Learn How To Deposit and Withdraw from Sorare

How to win prizes and make money with Sorare Football

Before choosing your players, think about who their real opponents are

When starting to play on Sorare, many users assume that they should always pick the players with the highest average score. An important thing that many users don't think about is who their players will play against in a given week of the league.

For example, if you have two forwards, one of whom has an average score of 60, while the other has a 45 score average, it would seem at first glance an obvious choice who should be in your line-up. However, this is not always the case.

If the forward with an average score of 60 is going to play against a top team with a great defence, it would be more effective to choose the forward with an average score of 45 who will be playing against a weaker team.

Focus, first, into a specific league or competition

Many new users make the mistake of buying players without thinking about the league or the competition they come from. 

Sorare has many specialized leagues, such as the Under 23 leagues (in which only players under the age of 23 can participate). Asian leagues, American Leagues, or European leagues are also available.

To maximize your chances of earning weekly rewards, it is best to focus on just one or two of these leagues. You can explore the endless competitions offered by Sorare once you have learned how to earn prizes in specific leagues.

Invest in undervalued long-term players

You can make money on Sorare by simply trading cards. You need to search for those who can give you the best long-term return as well as fun in terms of play because the value of players increases each week based on game performance.

One of the best ways to make money on Sorare is to find players who are undervalued because they aren't playing much right now, but who will have more importance on their team in the future. It is possible to get a great economic return if you use these players in the long term, even if you can't use them in the short term.

The reasons why a certain player is not playing at the present is the main evaluation to do in these cases. There are a lot of good online resources that can help you learn more about the competitive environment of every football player in the world. Use these resources (forums, YouTube, football magazines, podcast) and invest in players that are currently undervalued but with great future.

Out-of-shape or injured players can be a good investment

Another strategy for investing is to focus on players who are dealing with a temporary injury. In cases like these, the key thing to understand is whether the player is suffering from a long-term or a short-term injury. Serious injuries could keep players away from the court for the entire season ahead, meaning they may not be worth your investment. However, some of these players may only be out for a few games, which means that you could receive a quick return on your investment if you buy them and then sell them when they return to the league.

Other times it might be a simple drop in form that is unrelated to the long-term talent of a player. One of the most common reasons why players are not playing is because they are in bad shape. When this occurs, it is recommended that you check the score that the player exhibited in the past, as he may return to the same level of performance unexpectedly. With Sorare Data, you'll be able to find players who are going through a bad period and buy them cheap.

You have to keep up with the latest news

In order to be successful at Sorare, you must be following news about football, transfers, and scores. Transfermarkt can be used to analyze the market value of any player.

Consistency and patience are key to success

Be consistent and careful not to rush into things. It is not likely that you will get back your investment within a few weeks. You need to make good decisions and be patient, and the results and profits will come.

Time to play Sorare Football

Congratulations on reaching the end of the Sorare Football guide. You now have all the knowledge to understand the game and win prizes. All that remains is to register if you haven't already done so. Good luck!

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