Learn how to play


And Win Money


Sorare is a Fantasy Game

Collect player cards and earn points with your fantasy teams to win prizes

You are the absolute owner of your cards

All cards that are yours are on the blockchain, an incorruptible global database. No one can ever take your cards away from you

No crypto knowledge is required to win in Sorare

All you need to know is about NBA, MLB, or Football. The guides in SorareFAQ will show you how to play and win tournaments


Sorare is an official game of the NBA, the MLB and the best football clubs in the world

The SorareFAQ GUIDES will help you learn everything you need to be successful in the games

Earn a FREE card when you get five limited cards

The Sorare FAQ

Learn how Sorare works, what the blockchain is, how to deposit money into Sorare, how to withdraw money from Sorare, and everything else you need to be a master of Sorare

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